Why Rent Equipment?

Buying a tens-of-thousands-of-dollars (or even just hundreds-of-dollars) machine requires storage, parts, a service shop, delivery trucks and pro mechanics.

Renting equipment saves you all this cost (and maintenance downtime) and allows you to have a newer, dependable machine delivered to your site for exactly as long as you need, whether it’s a few hours or a few months. All with full service support.

You can also do special or seasonal work without the dilemma of either buying a machine you’ll need only a few months out of the year (or even once every few years!) or turning down a customer.

And we’re here to help! We keep the equipment in top shape for you, can help you find just the machine you need, and can deliver straight to your job site.

Bonus: renting means the equipment doesn’t show up as a liability in your books, and you don’t have to worry about depreciation. Still need your own equipment? Just fine…renting lets you try before you buy to find just the right machine for you.

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